Picture Frame Repair – Fix my old frame!

Help! I need a picture frame repair on my ornate frame, a customer needed their frame fixed and brought this in for our help.   This frame was an antique picture frame made many years ago, I guess you could say “vintage picture frame” and needed our help! This vintage gold leaf frame had been dropped while being relocated and the corner received significant damage.   This frame was heavy and it was huge; it measured 36’x 48″ and had major and minor damage just about everywhere. 

Along with old repairs the frame had been dropped and was very old.  We had to add additional compound to the broken corners and replicate the ornate design of the original framer.

Picture Frame repair

This Antique Vintage frame had to have a lot of minor damage here and there along with the corners were crushed and the joints needed to be refitted.  Not too many framers can make a picture frame repair like this anymore and so the only option was to repair it.  We applied the compound in the corners and then carved it into a facsimile of its original shape.  After a ton of sanding, intricate carving, al refinish to the frame, we were able to get this back to the customer in a reasonable amount of time and not cost an arm and a leg!  

We are so happy with the results and so was the customer.  They thought they would have to spend a minor fortune to get an antique vintage frame for their painting.   Just a little time and expertise to recycle this old frame and to get it restored it is worth the effort and time it takes. 

So give us a call at 760-346-9770 or email us photos of your frame and we will see if its repairable.  Some of these old frames are made with quality materials and its a shame to toss them out.  Some to the materials used in modern picture frames are not repairable and have to be replaced.  That material ends up in a landfill and this may be avoided.  So ask your local framer and see if they can repair your old picture frame, its always worth a try!

D. Looney

I have been a corporate controller, chef & cafe owner, frame shop owner & picture framer, all while being a Wife, Mother, and Grandma. I love my life and wouldn't change a thing!

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  1. Gwen Cashman

    Old pictures frames, that had my great grandparents pictures in them, are broken and in. We’d if repair. Is that something you can do?
    Thank you,

    1. D. Looney

      Yes Please call the shop at 760-346-9770 for mor information

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