Stinez Vee at Tahquitz Canyon 2024

Stina Vee, Abstract Artist

Artist Biography: Hey there! I'm an artist who thrives on blending traditional paint-to-canvas techniques with digital artistry. As an abstract artist, my work spans from dynamic canvas pieces to innovative designs for metal wall art, all deeply inspired by the beauty and intricacies of nature. My art is a fusion of the old and the new, where brushstrokes meet pixels, creating a unique visual experience that speaks to the soul.
With a degree in environmental science, I bring a profound appreciation for the natural world into my creations. This background allows me to infuse my work with themes that reflect the essence of nature, capturing its ever-changing moods and timeless beauty. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of a sunset or the delicate patterns of a leaf, my art aims to celebrate the wonders of our environment.
Balancing motherhood and art has been a transformative journey for me. It has enriched my life, offering a powerful form of self-expression and a perfect means to unwind. The challenges and joys of being a mother have inspired a depth of resilience, patience, and joy in my artistic process. Each piece I create is crafted with meticulous care and intention, aiming to evoke emotions and add profound meaning to my customers' lives.
Art is my sanctuary, a space where I can channel my energy and ideas into tangible forms that resonate with others. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my designs bring beauty and inspiration to the spaces they inhabit. I take great pride in knowing that my art can touch lives and evoke a sense of connection to the natural world.
Thank you for supporting my artistic journey. It’s a privilege to share my passion for art and design with you, and I look forward to continuing to create pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

My Sold Paintings