Abstract Art – View From Space – 3 pc – Artist Stina Vee


Abstract art “View From Space” by Stina Vee painted in 2023 is an abstract art painting 10″ wide x 68″ high is 3 pc set of acrylic and resin on board.  Colors in the abstract art painting are Navy, purple, teal, green, yellow, white, brown, and metallic silver.


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Abstract Art “View From Space” set of 3 by Stina Vee

  • Title: View From Space
  • Artist: Stina Vee
  • Media: Acrylic, metallic paints and Resin on board
  • Year painted: 2023
  • Original concept and hand painted by the artist. This is real painting, not a reproduction or copy.
  • Size: 10″ wide x 68″ high as displayed, can be hung vertically and the size would be 38″ wide by 30″ tall
  • Orientation: Landscape or Horizontal
  • abstract art – view from space – by Stina Vee artist.
  • Colors: Navy, purple, teal, green, yellow, white, brown, and metallic silver.
  • Painted by hand in the USA by an American artist.
  • Securely packaged and shipped in the USA in 2 business days.


Abstract Art by the artist Stina Vee

Step into the cosmos without leaving your living room with Stina Vee’s captivating triptych, “View From Space.” This set of three original artworks invites you to explore the universe through the eyes of the artist, merging imagination with reality in a mesmerizing display of color and texture.

Crafted in 2023 with a fusion of acrylic, metallic paints, and resin on board, each piece is a unique testament to Vee’s boundless creativity. Unlike mass-produced prints, these paintings are born from the artist’s hand, ensuring an authenticity that resonates with every brushstroke.

Spanning a total display size of 10 inches wide by 68 inches high, these works can be arranged vertically for a dynamic impact, or horizontally to evoke the vast expanse of space. Indulge in a spectrum of hues, from deep navy and regal purple to the ethereal glow of teal, green, and yellow, interspersed with hints of white, brown, and metallic silver.

Painted with care in the USA by Stina Vee herself, each piece is a testament to her dedication to craftsmanship and artistic vision. Delivered to your doorstep in just two business days, these paintings are securely packaged to ensure their safe arrival, ready to transform any space into an earthly sanctuary.

Experience the wonder of the cosmos with “View From Space” by Stina Vee—an extraordinary addition to any art collection, curated for those who love our planet.

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