Frame My Guitar – Shadow Box Frame

Here is a signed guitar by some of the great players such as BB King, Slash, Eric Clapton and Neil Young, and others.  

Autographed Guitar
Autographed Guitar

The frame was chosen by the owner of the guitar and the frame did not have the depth need to accommodate the object so we had to build it out.

shadow box design

The frame was deepened about 3″ to accommodate the height of the framed guitar.  A plaque was added to show the names of the famous guitar players: BB King, Slash, Eric Clapton, etc.

Shadow box guitar
shadow box guitar

Here is the completed shadow box showing the detial of the frame and the plaque that was inserted showing that you can use any frame you like to frame whatever you like.  Using a custom framer who is also an experienced craftsman gets results that showcases your valued objects.  After all, if you are going spend the money to get it framed, do it right the first time!

D. Looney

I have been a corporate controller, chef & cafe owner, frame shop owner & picture framer, all while being a Wife, Mother, and Grandma. I love my life and wouldn't change a thing!

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