Shadow Box Framing – Frame My Kimono

We custom framed a Japanese Wedding Kimono!

This kimono was treasured by its owner and we wanted to do it justice.  Besides it being huge,  we wanted to preserve it in a frame and enhance it without the frame distracting from the beauty of the Kimono.  Since it was being framed in all white and the Kimono was white, the frame needed to pop!

Shadow box framing kimono

This kimono was huge!  So we designed it in a white shell frame mounted on imported white silk.  It’s very neutral in design and perfectly showcases the lustre of this one of a kind Japanese Wedding Kimono.  The imported shell frame adds opulence and brilliance to attract your attention and emphasizes the importance of it to the customer.  

We hand stitched the kimono to the silk background and covered it in UV Plexiglass.  We framed it this way for conservation purposes.  Just in case the customer ever wants to reframe it – it can be remounted in a new frame without any damage to the actual Kimono.  

shadow box japanese kimono

But as beautiful as it came out, we feel it will be in its forever home.  The customer has it on display in their business and it has become a source of conversation.  Needless to say, the customer was very pleased and it is a source of pride and enjoyment.

Box Framed Japanese Kimono

D. Looney

I have been a corporate controller, chef & cafe owner, frame shop owner & picture framer, all while being a Wife, Mother, and Grandma. I love my life and wouldn't change a thing!

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